This procedure is well proven and has been performed for over 40 years. In its latest incarnation, treatment involves a hospital stay of between three and seven days.

There is a recovery period of between four and six weeks during which most patients are unable to work in their usual job. Of course, there are those who recover much more rapidly, allowing them to return to work more quickly.

Total knee replacement is a procedure that has substantial longevity. Most patients have a very effective result, lasting between 15 and 25 years. Indeed, it is often the only procedure that is necessary, if you were to have this procedure after your middle 60s (95%).

Return to function is particularly good after this procedure. Apart from long distance running and particularly arduous activity such as singles tennis and basketball, most patients would find themselves returning to their normal functional activity.

Dr Miniter only uses the highest quality, proven implants for knee replacement

We would usually recommend physiotherapy or exercise physiology after this operation but many people manage with only a few visits. An exercise physiologist is an excellent choice after this surgery and helps you to concentrate not only on knee strengthening but also crucial core strength and development.

We encourage all patients, after the wound has healed, to start hydrotherapy. This does not necessarily need to be supervised though some patients feel more secure with some supervision early in the recovery period. Almost everyone says that water based recovery is an excellent choice.


Recovery after TKR
This is an individual journey, but most of our patients say that they are back doing many of their normal activities by 6 weeks or even less after the operation and that they have reached a high level of function by 8 weeks. You will note continuing improvement for a year, a period over which you will find incremental and pleasing improvement almost imperceptibly.