Make sure you have enough time off work or that you can arrange to alter your work if needed. Dr Miniter will tell you about this.

Be aware that procedures for the lower limb may involve a period of less than full weight bearing. This may require crutches and you would be advised to see a physiotherapist before the surgery to make sure that the crutches suit you for size and that you can use them safely.

Crutches are NOT suitable for all, especially if you of senior years or have an issue with strength in your arms. Those with shoulder problems may find it hard to use crutches and may need to make alternative arrangements before the surgery with the help of a physiotherapist.

Driving a motor vehicle after the surgery is prohibited by law for 24 hours after a general anaesthetic and may in fact not be possible for several weeks if you have had surgery to the right foot ( for example).

Dr Miniter will discuss this with you before the surgery as part of general preparation for the surgery itself.

You may not be able to manage housework, washing , shopping and the like for a period of time after surgery. Alternative arrangements would be advised in advance.

The time that you will spend in hospital will be discussed with you before the surgery, at the time of booking.