General Consultation

Fees for attendance at the clinic and operative procedures are those determined largely by the Australian Medical Association. The fees apply to private patients.

Dr Miniter does not provide a “no gap” service.

As a consequence Dr Miniter can provide a service that can be tailored to the requirements of individual clients. They are able to provide a rapid service and offer flexibility that is not available in public hospitals. When you wish to book an operation, for instance, you will find that we are often able to schedule surgery at a time and date that will best suit you. Every effort is made to fit in with your schedule and requirements.

Please note that final responsibility for fee payment does rest with the client.

We accept payment in cash, by credit card and by direct bank deposit.

Workers Compensation

Should you have a case that is covered under Worker’s Compensation or third party please note that we do require certain information to allow processing of your case.

You need to provide us with:

  1. The name of the insurer for your case ( eg QBE or NRMA )
  2. The claim number that has been allocated to your case. This is readily available
  3. A letter of acceptance of costs by the insurer. This indicates that your case has been accepted provisionally and allows us to assess you, order investigations such as X-rays and scans and then to provide a report to the insurer and your referring doctor. Generally this will allow your insurer to assess the case and for us then to gain permission to proceed to surgery or other treatment.
  4. The name of your referring doctor and a letter of referral from them.

Please note that if you present wishing to be treated as a workers compensation or third party case and do not have the above information, we will be required to charge the full cost of the consultation which is billed at rates decided by Work Cover or its equivalent. These fees will need to be settled on the day of consultation.