These injuries may occur in isolation or can be combined with an injury to the Anterior Cruciate ligament. They are usually a traumatic injury, in a contact in sport such as Rugby or AFL. These require rapid assessment as, with the new internal bracing surgical systems that are available ( link to Fibretape) , we can return your knee to normal stability. The use of an external brace has been advocated in the past and maybe the appropriate treatment for you. However, the internal bracing mechanisms that has been developed recently allow you to be free of the brace and to return to functional activity much more rapidly. This system also allows you to return to work much more rapidly.


Bracing and physiotherapy

Often, the first port of call will be a physiotherapist. Whilst this can be appropriate in minor injuries, if there is any doubt at all of the seriousness of your injury, you should be assessed by a sports physician or Orthopaedic subspecialist Surgeon such as A/Prof Miniter. It is crucial that the exact individual characteristics of your injury be assessed by a qualified medical practitioner. A treatment plan will then be formulated to suit your particular needs. If A/Prof Miniter or the sports physician decides that a brace is the most appropriate treatment, you will need this brace for between four and six weeks.

This minor procedure has revolutionised the treatment of some of these injuries. Via a very small, almost keyhole approach (an operation), the ligament itself is restored to normal tension. This allows the joint to be rapidly mobilised with no restriction in range motion and without the need for an external brace. Crutches may be needed for a short period of time.

After the wounds have healed, we are enthusiastic to allow you to return to activity in a heated pool. This environment allows a protected degree of weight bearing, progressing to shallower and shallow water as the ligament reaches its full strength. Loading the ligament in this way assists recovery.