The hip is commonly affected by osteoarthritis. It is also a site for involvement with injury and with various types of inflammatory arthritis.

People with arthritis of the hip are often very disabled and have complaints in the performance of activities in everyday life. Such things as putting on socks, sitting in a low chair, sitting in a car and even going to the toilet are restricted in this group of patients.

Initial treatment is non operative involving physiotherapy, pain relief, and hydrotherapy. By the time you see A/Prof Miniter, you are likely to have had these simple measures and are looking towards a surgical procedure.

Total Hip replacement

This is a very effective and well established procedure that involves the replacement of the ball and socket of the hip joint.

The procedure has been very popular and effective. Rehabilitation is rapid, allowing patients to be discharged home in short order and returning to their normal lives very quickly.

There is a recent trend towards so called anterior hip approach surgery. This refers to the way in which the hip is approached by the surgeon. It has met with great patient satisfaction. A/Prof Miniter is currently involved in this type of treatment and leads the way in this treatment in the ACT.