Clinic Bookings

When you book in to see us you will greeted by one of our staff and asked when you would like to present for consultation.

Please note that you do not have to have medical insurance to see us and that this is an increasingly common situation. Many people are self insured and seek to meet their needs without a fund or third party. We are more than able to deliver services for you and will seek to minimise inconvenience in this regard.

Booking an Operation

Once you and Dr Miniter have discussed and assessed your clinical issues, it may be recommended that you undergo an operation.

The following briefly summarises how this works:

The surgeon will provide you with an explanation of your problem and discuss the operative options that are available. We will present you with what is regarded as the best option with your particular circumstances taken into consideration.

You will be given a booking form which will detail the operation and the estimated item numbers, allowing our staff to book the procedure and provide you with a cost estimate.

You will asked to sign a consent form indicating that you understand the basic premise of the procedure and the common risks associated with this procedure and operative procedures in general.

Our staff will ask when you wish to have the operation performed and whether you have special needs and or preferences ( such as the hospital itself). We will consider other matters such as whether you need special assistance after the surgery, including rehabilitation.

If necessary our nurse will discuss the matter further and help you with details.

If you have many additional questions , then it may be best to come back and see Dr Miniter or on another day so that you may have time to think through these issues and clarify them.

We prefer that you make the decision to proceed to surgery in your own time.