Tibial osteotomy: (osteotomy means bone cut/ tibia is the shin bone)

This is a procedure which involves the realignment of a joint. It relies upon the fact that, in some people, only part of the joint is involved in the degenerative arthritic process. By changing the direction of the joint, which involves cutting the bone with surgical precision, we are able to divert the force that is involved in normal weight bearing onto parts of the joint that are still in good condition.

This is a particularly attractive option for people who are physiologically young and who want to return to playing sports or have an unlimited lifestyle. It is particularly attractive to the younger person who seeks to continue with their lifestyle without concern, after the surgical recovery is complete.

The decision of whether to proceed to either an osteotomy or a form of joint replacement is an individual matter and will be made by Associate Professor Miniter, as needed.