This is a deformity of the great toe. These deformities range from the very mild to the very severe. Quite often there is a family history of this issue; frequently the deformity seems to “miss” a generation.

Bunions may present as an issue with appearance or with problems associated with shoe-wear. They may be very painful and can cause other issues in the foot.

The question of whether bunions should be considered for surgical correction is a complex one. It varies enormously from one person to another, there being a number of factors that A/Prof Miniter will consider to determine whether he feels that operative correction is needed. It may be that you are best advised to not proceed with surgery at this time, being prepared to reconsider the situation again as matters become more troublesome. Alternatively, there are some people who are best advised to proceed to surgery.

The methods of surgical correction are well established.

Recovery will be discussed with you after careful consideration of the best operation for your needs, as not all bunions are the same.