Lateral (lateral talar dome lesions) LTDL

These are a common problem in the ankle and may well be painful.

The cartilage of the joint may be injured in a sprain and lead to pain and swelling in the ankle joint. These are a common cause of ongoing issues after ankle sprains.

The management of these lesions requires careful assessment with MRI, physical examination and a careful history.

A/Prof Miniter is able to visualise these lesions through an arthroscope and then attend to the treatment as required.

Medial (medial TD lesions)

These are a much less common lesion. They are usually larger and deeper than the lateral sided variety. They are not usually post traumatic. Treatment may or may not involve surgery, once again usually via an arthroscopy if needed.

Medial TD lesions are often asymptomatic and sometimes are an incidental finding. The treatment decision has to made very carefully, by an experienced practitioner. I refer you again to the need for an accurate diagnosis made by an experienced practitioner to enable rational treatment. Not all of these lesions require surgery.