In February of this year, A/Prof Miniter and Sr Helen Rowcliffe went to Jamkhed, India and participated in another surgical clinic.

We managed to complete about 25 new cases of severe deformity in people whose impoverished circumstances make us think and rethink our good fortune in Australia.

79681418-We also managed to meet several of the people upon whom we operated last year. Here is one of those stories:

This young girl is 8 and has severe club feet that were never treated as a child. Deformity like this in India means that you cannot attend school, get a job and even get married. It condemns you to a life of poverty and possibly manipulation.

We corrected the left foot last year. It is a big and difficult operation with such deformity but you can see the results yourself.

We did the other side this February. It looks fantastic! She is so happy and so are her parents.

Now, she can go to school, get a job and even look forward to her own family! What a wonderful thing this is!