All patients that have been operated are doing well. The junior staff at Jamkhed, including Tristan, a pre-med student from the USA are handling the necessary changes of plaster and dressings. There was a small pressure area behind the knee of one patient who has severe cerebral palsy. This is being managed with simple dressings and is healing without issue.

Sister Helen Rowcliffe and are a little surprised that we have not seen even one infection! When we think about the sterilisation facilities and the fact that they are so far below our own in Australia, it is quite remarkable. We think it is probably a reflection upon the conditions in which these unbelievable people live; they have dirt floors in their homes, no running water and no specific toilet facilities. You really do need to recalibrate your expectations when you go to Jamkhed and Africa. The third world is so very different! When we come home it takes quite some adaptation. No one complains about anything! It is very humbling, especially when we consider our own fortunate circumstances at home.

79681418-The little girl whose 2nd foot we corrected is very pleased with her surgical result. She now has 2 straight feet! Her parents are looking forward to returning her to school; the future is now bright as she will rejoin her school community and also have an opportunity to get a job and also get married. As was mentioned in our previous blog, deformity, in these very poor communities disqualifies a person from leading a normal life.

I am itching to get back there and take on more work. It is hard to believe that the Comprehensive Rural Project in Jamkhed is the only hospital facility for over 500,000 people.