legsWarning signs for more serious injury when you are at the ski slopes.
(or anywhere else for that matter)

Pain: Pain that is significant and requires analgesics is often associated with more serious injury.

Knee: If your knee is swollen, this is often significant. It is especially so if the swelling develops quickly, which may indicate a bleed inside the joint, called a haemarthrosis. A swollen knee may indicate a tear of the ACL, a meniscal tear, a dislocated knee cap (patella) or even a fracture.

Ankle: Swelling of the ankle, with pain often indicates either a sprain or even a fracture.

Hip: Pain in the groin may well be associated with an acute tear of the hip capsule and labrum.
Often hip pain is felt in the groin.

Remember: if you do have an injury, it is most important to get definitive advice from trained Sports doctors or Orthopaedic surgeons. Others are not trained or qualified to make such diagnoses and often erroneously diagnose conditions: seek out professional opinion. You may not necessarily need an MRI or other type of advanced imaging technique. This will be the decision of the doctor that assesses you correctly.

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