Dr Miniter has joined with China this week. Used to visit three hospitals in the Guangzhou area teaching the local surgeons the finer points of the replacement surgery.

It is a wonderful opportunity to share a clinical experience.

Dr Miniter is taking the time to give back. Using this opportunity to not only share his experience and knowledge about knee replacement surgery but to also expand his own understanding.

Dr Miniter only uses the highest quality, proven implants for knee replacement

We would usually recommend physiotherapy or exercise physiology after this operation but many people manage with only a few visits. An exercise physiologist is an excellent choice after this surgery and helps you to concentrate not only on knee strengthening but also crucial core strength and development.

We encourage all patients, after the wound has healed, to start hydrotherapy. This does not necessarily need to be supervised though some patients feel more secure with some supervision early in the recovery period. Almost everyone says that water-based recovery is an excellent choice.


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