On Tuesday of last week, Associate Professor Paul Miniter hosted 35 physiotherapists and general practitioners to an evening educational session. This was performed at Cinque Restaurant on Mona Vale.  Over a pleasant meal, Dr Miniter presented current information relating to total knee replacement and total hip replacement. The evening was a great success.

Dr Minitor was very impressed by the degree of involvement and interest that was shown by the practitioners who attended the evening. Many interesting questions were asked and points of clarification were given.

The particular issues that were discussed were as follows:

  1. The biomechanics of the knee have been defined by Michael Freeman and his colleagues. This has led to the formulation of an advanced knee replacement which is based upon the medial pivot concept. This particular knee replacement appears to more accurately replicate the structure and function of the knee and appears to be providing excellent functional outcomes in joint replacement surgery.The long term results have been implemented and certified by Dr Freeman. Patient specific instrumentation has been made available by a particular company allowing the insertion of this prosthesis with great accuracy.
  2. Anterior approach total hip replacement was discussed in length. The method of obtaining access to the hip through this approach was discussed and in particular the historical basis of this operation was brought into perspective.The advantages of this type of surgery were given clearly. The rapid recovery, immediate mobilisation and avoidance of necessity to use braces and splints after surgery were clearly enunciated.The outcomes appear to be excellent. They are definitely superior to the older techniques, particularly in the early stages of recovery.We discussed the anatomy of the region at length and this particular topic was of great interest to all who were present at the evening.Our thanks were given to the hosts of the occasion and also to the restaurant itself.
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