Visit to Winterthur, Switzerland: further training in anterior total hip surgery.

Associate Professor Miniter visited Winterthur, in Switzerland recently, as a guest of Dr Fabian Kalberer. He had previously been to Zürich and France to expand his experience in total hip replacement through the anterior

He participated in four procedures and one in particular involved a revision THR..

There were some fantastic experiences available. A great deal of knowledge was shared and, in general terms, it was a fabulous educational opportunity . It is, of course, very much to the advantage of his patients for him to be able to have this exposure and to stand on the shoulders of giants, as the expressions goes

Dr Fabian is an internationally recognised expert in this particular procedure. He has done over 2500 cases in anterior THR and has carefully refined the technique. These pearls of wisdom are of great benefit to us.Bus-stop

It is wonderful indeed that such experience can be shared at an international level, to the obvious benefit of patients on the other side of the world.

We plan to return!