The talks will concentrate both on joint replacement surgery in its current form, including both knee and hip replacement, including the new anterior type of replacement. There will also be a series of talks around the management of acute severe ankle injuries and when one should worry about an ankle injury.

Did you know, for instance, that 25% of people with a serious ankle injury continue to have trouble, which requires treatment either by physiotherapy and sometimes by surgery? If your ankle is not improving well, three weeks after an injury, then you would have to consider this as a more serious injury. It requires assessment by a skilled practitioner, particularly an orthopaedic surgeon with a sub-speciality interest in this area.

To take the matter to the next level would require a referral. Of course, physiotherapists are somewhat skilled in this matter, it is important not to continue with physiotherapy if you are not improving. If you reach the three-week mark or so and are having significant symptoms, and you feel as though your progress has been halted, it is worth having a chat to your general practitioner and considering a referral to our clinic. We will then assess the matter carefully, if necessary organise an MRI scan, and then determine whether anything further needs to be done.

In this modern world, where people expect to return to function very quickly, not unreasonably, it is important to intervene at an appropriate time. Of course, not all of these cases require surgery, but there is a group of them that do, and it is better to intervene earlier and achieve a good outcome relatively rapidly than have many months of fruitless physiotherapy or other treatment, followed eventually by a surgical procedure. Once again, this type of judgment is best made by a practitioner who has a sub-speciality interest in this area.

Stay tuned to this site for information about upcoming seminars. These seminars will be free, and you will be encouraged to attend these seminars and ask as many questions as you would like.

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