Next Tuesday at the new Arcadia Rehabilitation Center in Warriewood, Professor Miniter will be joining two other colleagues presenting to a number of general practitioners.

The focus of this presentation will be the assessment and management of pathology affecting the hip. We will not be only talking about non-operative management, we will also be discussing the new operative management strategies. This will include things such as the new anterior approach to the hip, which has facilitated more rapid recovery and which is also improving patients’ confidence after surgery. As the hip is immediately stable after the surgery, patients can rapidly return to their previous activities. Hospital stay is usually between two and three days after this type of surgery, and many patients then choose to attend a rehabilitation centre, such as Arcadia.

Incidentally, patients are welcome to visit Arcadia prior to their surgery for a rehabilitation program, to strengthen their core, lower limb, and upper limb musculature.

I will be posting a presentation on the internet after our session is complete.

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