Dr Miniter recently attended a workshop in DAA: Direct Anterior Approach to the hip at Macquarie University in Sydney.

He is currently involved in training to facilitate this new and exciting approach to hip replacement which he will bring to Canberra in the very near future. Many of his patients have indicated interest in this operation which is characterised by very rapid recovery after hip replacement surgery. With this technique, there is no need to restriction range of motion of the hip after surgery; no need to avoid sleeping on the side for 4 to 6 weeks nor to take other precautions such as not doing up shoes and putting on socks with special appliances.

The basic operation, with implantation of the replacement itself is not different; it is the way that the surgeon approaches the hip joint. There is no cutting of any muscles nor tendons.

The operation has been well established in Switzerland for many years, is well proven and safe. It does, however, require a high level of special training and expertise; hence A/Prof Miniter’s pursuit of further training. The company with which he is involved has a highly structured educational programme and maintains the highest levels of certification.